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DSR Rolling Out Rapid Antigen Tests

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) has been provided Rapid Antigen Testing kits, courtesy of the Victorian Government. The tests will be distributed to DSR members with a disability and to organisations in the disability sport & recreation sector.

[Image ID: a graphic of a person wearing a patterned mask. They have a black bob, a pink top and brown skin. There is the DSR logo and the Victorian State government logo. There is white text on a blue background that reads "Rapid Antigen Tests Project *member exclusive"]

With the wheelchair rugby season about to start, we want to make sure our members have the opportunity to watch and participate. We all want to see our favourite athletes tear it up on the court. However, with the disability community being most at risk to COVID-19, we all have to do our part to ensure a safe return to sport and recreation.

We will be distributing to DSR members with a disability and partnering with other organisations to reach more people with disability.

What you need to know:

  • You need to fill out an expression of interest form to receive a test

  • All DSR members with a disability are eligible to receive up to 7 tests per household

  • DSR membership is free, click here to sign up

  • Associate members are also eligible if they are a parent of a person with disability (who may not be an individual member) or care directly for a person with disability.

  • Registering your interest doesn't guarantee you a test

  • If you are successful you will be contacted with a collection time

  • Collections will be made from our office in Collingwood

  • Collections will start Monday 14 February

If you have any questions or access needs, please contact us.

How to get your test

All DSR members are eligible to receive up to 7 tests per household. If you're currently not a member, no stress! Membership is free, you can sign up online or when you collect your test.

When to use a Rapid Antigen Test

  • When you start to feel unwell with symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19

  • When someone you live with (household contact) or recently spent time with (social/work/education contact) tells you they have tested positive

  • When you want to check that you don’t have COVID before going to a large social event or visiting vulnerable people (such as an elderly relative in a nursing home)

Join Our Movement - Become a DSR member!

Every new person who joins as a member of Disability Sport & Recreation adds support to our vision of a Victoria where people with disability can choose and access any sport or recreation they want to engage with. Best of all, membership is free.


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