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You can help TRIPLE the reach of WheelTalk
to schools across Victoria.

When the school bell rings for sport to begin, every child’s heart should be filled with joy. Children with disability. Children without disability. All competing together. All filled with self-belief.

That’s what WheelTalk does.  That’s what you can help do today.

Peter, one of our WheelTalk program presenters shares with children how sport has opened up a world of possibilities. He tells students:


“If I don’t make it in life, it’s not my disability, it’s what I do with my disability that matters.”

You can read about Peter and his journey here 

Please make a generous donation today and make all children feel like champions and carry that feeling in their hearts through life.

Together, we can change attitudes about inclusion and disability through sport.

Your donation today will:

  • Help purchase a new fit-for-purpose vehicle to take our fleet of sports wheelchairs to schools

  • Help keep up with maintenance of equipment like wheelchairs and adaptive ramps

  • Help fund the completion of an amazing interactive app for students to use to continue learning about inclusion and disability

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