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Home is Where the Heart Is

Thank you for choosing to donate to Disability Sport & Recreation.
Who we are

About Us

Disability Sport and Recreation are seeking support from local businesses that will help grow our programs to reach even more Victorians than ever before.

We’re focusing on growing three of our main programs which include: DSR Kids, Wheeltalk & Wheelchair Rugby Scan the QR codes to learn more about our programs.

Get in touch below if you’d like to sponsor one of our fantastic programs.

1.02/341 George St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

(03) 9473 0133


Our History

Founded in 1962 by Australia’s first indigenous Paralympian, Kevin Coombs and his great mate Bruno Moretti, DSR is the birthplace of the Victorian Paralympic movement.

Disability Sport & Recreation has been a staple of the Fitzroy community for over 20 years.

What We Do

DSR is dedicated to promoting and supporting the participation of people with disabilities in sport, recreation, and physical activity.


Their primary goal is to create inclusive and accessible opportunities for individuals with disabilities to engage in various sports and recreational activities of their choice.

Our Programs


Wheelchair Rugby in Victoria, a program that we’re proud to run, has a talent pathway that produced over 60% of the National team at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Since its introduction to the Paralympic Games in 2000, wheelchair rugby’s popularity has taken off worldwide.


We run a school based education program called ‘Wheeltalk’ that promotes diversity, acceptance and disability, placing a primary focus on inclusion.

Presented by instructors such as Peter who plays AFL Wheelchair at an elite level and represented Australia at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics.

Our presenters ensure each session is one to remember with many students coming away feeling inspired and amazed. Students have the opportunity to play Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby or Wheelchair AFL.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Disability Sport & Recreation has been a part of the local community for over 20 years. We’ve grown together and from our humble beginning we’ve gone on to support thousands of Victorians living with disability to become active in a sport or recreation activity of their choice.

We’ve bee instrumental in changing perceptions, breaking down barriers and proudly advocating our mission for great Choice, Access and Participation for all.

We’re seeking support from local businesses that will allow us to grow our programs and reach more Victorians than ever before!

We’ve got three incredible programs that without your support can’t grow.

Our Programs


This program is an Australia first, we’re hoping to get more young people into the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. This year we launched our Junior Wheelchair Rugby program which saw eight young participants aged 6-14 take part.

Australia is the reigning World Champions but to have sustainable success we need to build a talent pathway so that the legends of today can pass the baton to the youth of tomorrow.

Ask – We’re seeking support for so that we can purchase another two junior sports wheelchairs valued at $8k.


WheelTalk is an engaging and interactive program that promotes diversity,
acceptance, and disability, placing a primary focus on inclusion.

Presented by Victorians with disability who are actively involved in sport and recreation, WheelTalk combines unique stories of lived disability with the opportunity to play up to an hour of  Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby or Wheelchair AFL

Ask – We’re seeking support so that we can provide a Wheeltalk session to a local school that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to hear Peter’s inspiring story.


Our DSR Kids program is one of our most rewarding and has long been a staple of the work we do. The most popular aspect of DSR Kids is our Summer and Winter Camps taking place at Camp Manyung and Fall’s Creek respectively.

The camps are crucial to building confidence, independence and forming friendships that last a lifetime.

Ask- We’re hoping to create more life changing moments for young Victorians with disability, will you sponsor the place of a young Victorian at one of our upcoming camps.

Get In Touch

102/341 George St, Fitzroy VIC 3065


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