2019 VDSR Festival by Ian Spence

About DSR

Supporting Victorians living with disability be active by providing greater choice, access and participation.

Who we are

Health is a basic human right. Everything we do is to help Victorians with disability live happier, more active lives. We are working to make sure Victorians with disability have equal opportunities to meaningfully engage in the sport and active recreation of their choice. 

Our vision 

A Victoria where all people with disability can choose and access any sport or active recreation they want to engage with. 

Our mission

To provide and promote positive health outcomes for people with disability, through meaningful engagement in sport and active recreation. 

Our values

We are friendly, accountable, open, respectful, appreciative and progressive. 

Our principles

  • We listen to the voice of people with disability and advocate for change, with them and on their behalf. 

  • We celebrate people with disability who exercise their choice to take part in sport and active recreation. 

  • We collaborate with sport and active recreation providers, so they can offer better choice and better access for all disability types to increase participation. 

  • We help identify and address gaps in knowledge and resources. 

  • We highlight best practice, here and overseas. 

  • We celebrate providers who do more to offer better choice and better access and increase participation. 

  • We campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of increasing choice and access so people with disability can participate. 

  • We take a big picture view of the sector so we can work with others to reduce program and resource duplication and provide positive responses to identified needs. 

  • We seek revenue from a range of sources to support our mission. 

We work with


People with disability and/or their carers to simplify the pathway to participating in a sport or activity they enjoy.


State Sports Associations, sports clubs, program providers and venues to make sure there are activities to do.

Schools & Corporate

Schools and Corporate Groups to raise awareness about disability and inclusion.


Government so that the voice of people with disability is heard.


We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission and recognised as a State Sport and Recreation Body. Thanks to the generous donations and support of the community, we can continue to make healthy choices easy choices for all Victorians with disability.