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Disability Advisory Committee

This advisory committee ensures that Disability Sport & Recreation's work includes people with disability is by and for people with disability.

About the Committee

The Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) has been created to provide consultation and feedback on Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) projects, programs, and initiatives. Their expertise and own various lived experience of disability are invaluable to DSR's vision and of a more inclusive sport and recreation sector. The input from the committee will guide the work DSR does so that it stays relevant, accessible, innovative, collaborative and sustainable. 

The committee is comprised of a diverse group of nine people with disability and has been built with inclusion and intersectionality. The disability community is the largest marginalised 'minority' group in the world and with that in mind, each person selected for the committee has unique experiences and perspectives. In selecting our committee members we prioritised experiences of LGBTIQA+, Gender Diverse, Young People, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, First Nations People, Older People, People of Colour, People who are Refugees or have Refugee backgrounds and those living in rural or remote areas.

Every two months the DAC will meet to provide advice and feedback on: 

All things related to ensuring accessibility in our work

Communication, language and promotions of the organisation

DSR projects, programs and initiatives 

Relevant sector-wide related projects 

The committee will also be providing ad hoc consultation as needed and required. 

With the DAC, the experiences and rights of people with disability will be at the centre of all DSR projects, programs and initiatives.

To learn more about the DAC, access the video or downloadable accessible transcript below where Akii Ngo, Phoenix Project Management/Coordinator and Disability Advisory Committee Manager, chats with two of our newest DAC members at an in-person event in December 2021, Kate Jennings and François Jacobs.

You can download the accessible word doc transcription by clicking here.

[Video ID:  Cover Photo is an image of the Disability Advisory Committee logo with a small DSR Logo in the bottom right corner with a thin yellow banner along the bottom. The video has Francois Jacobs, Kate Jennings and Akii Ngo are smiling together and discussing the DAC. They are seated in front of the Disability Sport & Recreation, Victorian State Government and the Wheelchair Rugby Vic Banner. Francois has light White skin with short grey hair and is wearing a light plaid shirt and dark jeans. Laying on the floor next to Francois is his seeing eye dog, Suzi who is a Labrador and has black fur. Kate has light White skin, long brown hair and is wearing glasses. Kate is wearing a long black dress. Akii is of Asian descent, has light olive skin, long blue, purple/pink hair. They are wearing a cream plaid suit jacket, matching shorts & is an electric wheelchair user.] 

Meet the Committee

For complete biographies on each of our DAC members, visit this page: Meet the members of the new DSR Disability Advisory Committee!

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