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Strategic plan

The Disability Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 is a bold vision that seeks to make participation in sport and recreation a reality for all Victorians with disability.

Message from the Chair and CEO

Our Strategic Plan is the result of a process throughout 2019 involving the DSR Board and staff, in consultation with key stakeholders.


This process has helped us to redefine our purpose, services and membership while remaining true to our core purpose of helping Victorians with disability to find greater health through taking part in sport and active recreation.


We look forward to the involvement of many individuals and stakeholders so that we can move forward together as a movement, to create important lasting change to forge a brighter future for people with disability.

Sarah Anderson


DSR Chair Sarah Anderson

Liz Tesone
Chief Executive Officer

Liz Signature.PNG

Downloadable reports

Read or download the full strategic plan (accessible PDF)

Download the full strategic plan (plain text Word Doc)

Read or download a summary of the strategic plan (accessible PDF)

We invite members to give us feedback, ask questions – click here to contact us.


If you would like the strategic plan in another format, please click here to contact us.

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Creating a new vision

Our renewed vision is a Victoria where people with disability can choose and access any sport or recreation they want to engage with.

Better choice.

Better access.

Better participation.

Disability Sport & Recreation Festival 2019 by Adam McKay
2021 GIO Wheelchair Rugby National Championship Day 3

A voice for people with disability

A core element of our new strategic plan is to focus on understanding the many needs and goals of people with disability.

We can then support and work with sport and active recreation organisations and providers, and the broader community, to increase choice, access and participation.

Leading a movement for change

Much like other movements around important social issues, we want to help create a ‘movement’ that encourages societal change.

This change will see better choice and access for people with disability, which leads to increased participation in sport and active recreation.

We welcome all individuals and organisations, who believe in these outcomes, to join the movement.

Disability Sport & Recreation Festival 2019 by Adam McKay
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