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Disability in Sport Toolkit

Resource pack for inclusive community sport clubs

What is this resource kit?

The Inclusive Community Sport Clubs Resource Pack is a comprehensive resource that includes guides, case studies, and various tools to facilitate the creation of inclusive sports environments.


Its purpose is to assist clubs and organizations in developing welcoming and accessible spaces where individuals of diverse abilities, backgrounds, and identities can fully engage in sports and physical activities. With its practical guidance, real-life examples, and training resources, the pack empowers clubs to cultivate an environment that ensures everyone feels included, supported, and able to participate to their fullest potential in sports and physical activities.

How can this kit be used to make more inclusive spaces?

This resource kit can be used in several ways to foster inclusivity in community sport clubs:

  • Guidance on Inclusive Practices: The guides included in the resource pack offer insights into implementing inclusive practices, policies, and procedures within sports clubs.

  • Case Studies: The case studies serve as real-life examples that highlight successful initiatives and programs implemented by inclusive community sport clubs.

  • Training and Education: The resource pack also includes resources for training and educating club administrators, coaches, and volunteers on inclusive practices.

Read or download the guide (accessible PDF).

Why is this guide important for our sector?

This resource kit holds immense importance within the sports sector for several reasons:

  • Promoting Equity and Access: Inclusivity in community sport clubs ensures that individuals from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to participate and enjoy the benefits of sports and physical activities.

  • Enhancing Participation and Engagement: Creating inclusive spaces fosters a sense of belonging and encourages increased participation among individuals who may have felt excluded or marginalized previously

  • Social Impact and Well-being: Inclusive community sport clubs have a positive impact on social cohesion, health, and well-being.

This guide was made in collaboration with Victoria University and Disability Sport and Recreation.

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