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Home Is Where The Heart Is - 3065

A model of the DSR building
[Image ID: A model of the DSR building on 341 George Street, Fitzroy. On the left is a model of the school building, and on the right is a wall and a tree]

Disability Sport and Recreation (DSR) is proud to have been part of the Fitzroy community for over 20 years. We take great pride in our neighbourhood as a place we've grown and proudly advocated our mission for greater choice, access and participation for all. To strengthen our bond with our home, we're seeking support from local businesses to enable us to grow our programs to reach even more Victorians than ever.

The 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' campaign invites businesses of all shapes and sizes to participate and help build a more inclusive Victoria. We are reaching out to businesses for support to take two of our core programs to the next level as well as help DSR establish our newest program that will lead to more Victorians competing on the world stage; this program is the first of its kind and will give young Victorians a head start at representing their country.

Without this support, these programs cannot operate. We aim to start the Junior Wheelchair Rugby program by July, so that it can run simultaneously with the senior men's season.

For all businesses who sign up to be a part of this campaign, its easy! We’ll supply you/your business with all the necessary materials, such as posters, POS decals, brochures, and more, to participate in our cause! Additionally, we will also recognise each business that supports us with exclusive promotion across our social channels and to our 15k newsletter subscribers.

Here are some outlines of some of the programs that need support:


A wheeltalk presentation at a school directed at children
[Image ID: On the left, a group of kids are raising their hands with their backs to the camera at a school. They are all wearing red hats. In the middle is a man facing the children in a wheelchair named Peter. Peter is holding his hands together.]

Our Schools inclusivity and diversity program, “Wheeltalk”, is helping teach students about the importance of inclusion and to take these valuable lessons throughout their everyday life. Our Wheeltalk presenter ‘Peter’ is an AFL Wheelchair premiership player for the Richmond Football Club and represented Australia at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. Peter strives to make every session memorable, leaving many students feeling inspired.

With more support, we can offer a Wheeltalk session to nearby schools in our community. This unique chance to listen to Peter’s story and engage in wheelchair sports is an opportunity they may not have had otherwise.

Junior Wheelchair Rugby

[Image ID: Three children in wheelchairs are smiling, looking towards the camera. The boy in the middle is holding a Rugby ball.]

DSR is excited to announce a brand new, Australian first, Junior Wheelchair Rugby Program!

Our aim is to create opportunities for juniors to play, connect and enjoy a truly accessible sport. This program is open to everyone, with a focus on individuals with disability. This unique and exciting program will seek to enhance the rich talent development pathway to the National team.

Wheelchair rugby is so unique as it is one of the few sports that people in wheelchairs play that is a contact sport - that's part of the attraction. It is important to grow the game of rugby in all its forms.

As part of our program to give opportunities for juniors to participate and compete in Wheelchair Rugby in Victoria, we are running two come and try events in July to introduce the sport to new participants.

Following the come and try events, an eight-week training program will be delivered by two time Paralympic gold medallist, former Paralympian and current Victorian Head Coach Andrew 'Harro' Harrison. After the eight weeks, players will be divided into four teams and get the opportunity to play in a round-robin competition before the seniors grand final.

DSR Kids

[Image ID: DSR Volunteer Timothy Chiu is helping a child string a bow and arrow for an archery activity. Tim is wearing sunglasses, a cap and a blue shirt. The child is wearing a bucket hat, a black hoodie and is a wheelchair user. In the background is grass and tall gum trees.]

Finally, local support will help secure a spot for a child at our DSR kids camps. We organize seasonal camps for young children aged between 7-17 either to Camp Manyung on the Peninsula during Summer or to the snow at Fall's Creek in Winter. These camps are crucial in building confidence, independence, and long-lasting friendships. With more help, we can send more kids on these camps to give them a fantastic experience they will never forget.

We would love to continue expanding and growing these programs with more support to reach more Victorians than ever before.


To find out more about how you can be a part of this campaign, contact us at


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