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Returning to Play: A Community Effort

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

On Monday 29 November, Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) met with the ministers of sport and community employment. DSR hosted a meet and greet at The Carlton Baths with representatives of the community and team members of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. After months of only connecting through a screen, we were finally able to be together and share our thoughts on all the ways we can uplift disability sport and recreation in person.

This event included:

[Image ID: Jason Lees, Richard Amon, Jaala Pulford, Akii Ngo and Ros Spence. They are indoors on a basketball court, smiling and standing in front of three banners: Disability Sport & Recreation, Wheelchair Rugby Vic and Victorian State Government]

Announcement from The Andrews Labor Government

Minister for Employment Jaala Pulford and Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence announced 70 people are now in jobs across 30 state sporting organisations helping community sport gear up again this summer through the Labor Government’s Jobs Victoria employment program.

“These jobs will help local sporting and recreational organisations reconnect with their communities while providing employment to those who need it most.” - Minister for Employment Jaala Pulford

The sport and recreation sector experienced fewer programs and events during the pandemic which led to reduced revenue and participation, as well as job losses. As we return to getting active, there are more opportunities on the horizon. However, it's important to remember to stay safe.

“This initiative is making a real difference, helping our community sport and recreation sector to map out how it will resume activity in a safe way and re-engage with the Victorian community.” - Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence

For more information about looking for work or finding staff for your business, visit or call the Jobs Victoria Hotline on 1300 208 575.

[Image ID: DSR staff Akii Ngo, Cara Thomson, Jill Young, Jason Lees and Max Riley all in wheelchairs. They are indoors in a basketball court. Behind them in the DSR and Wheelchair Rugby banner]

The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project aims to make sure people with disability are not left behind and forgotten about in the return to community sport. The team was employed through Labor Government’s Jobs Victoria employment program and is creating a lasting impact at DSR.

“This role is truly an opportunity to grow and develop the entire disability sport and recreation sector, to increase accessibility, inclusion and break down barriers faced by those with disability to improve their choice, access and participation to sport and active recreation.” - Disability Sport and Recreation Project Manager Akii Ngo

The project will support the sector to help people with disability feel confident and safe when they return to sport and recreation. It will also be building the organisational capacity of DSR, and the sector, to be more inclusive, representative, intersectional and accessible.

[Image ID: Francois Jacobs, Kate Jennings and Akii Ngo are smiling together. They are seated in front of the Disability Sport & Recreation, Victorian State Government and the Wheelchair Rugby Vic Banner. They are indoors on a basketball court.]

Disability Advisory Committee

We were thrilled to be able to meet two of the Disability Advisory Committee members in person. Francois Jacobs and Kate Jennings will be helping DSR stay relevant, accessible, innovative, collaborative and sustainable. That all of DSR's work includes people with disability and is for people with disability.

We will be announcing the rest of the committee members soon, so stay tuned.

Join Our Movement

Every new person who joins as a member of Disability Sport & Recreation adds support to our vision of a Victoria where people with disability can choose and access any sport or recreation they want to engage with. Best of all, membership is free.


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