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Kevin Coombs House: A New Chapter for Disability Sport & Recreation

[Image ID: A brown brick building with a black second level. On this building is the words 'Kevin Coombs House' with the DSR logo in black. There is another white building behind it. On the left is a brown brick school building behind some trees. ]

Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) is proud to announce the completion of the redevelopment of our home located at 341 George St, Fitzroy. In late November 2022, we proudly reopened the doors, marking a momentous milestone.

The transformed facility, named 'Kevin Coombs House' in honour of our esteemed founder, Kevin Coombs, who holds the distinction of being Australia's first-ever indigenous Paralympian, pays tribute to his legacy and inspires our continued vision.

Our revitalised office space opens a new chapter for DSR, expanding our support for Victorians with disabilities. Every aspect, from the taps we have installed to the bench heights, door widths, and even the technology in our boardroom has been thoughtfully designed to meet the highest accessibility standards under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

CEO Liz Tesone expressed her delight at the successful redevelopment and the positive impact on the team. Liz stated, "We've settled in amazingly! Since our move late 2022, we have experienced an uplifting atmosphere, a strong team culture, and remarkable achievements in our work. The fundraising team, in particular, has excelled following the relocation.

Barbie James, a dedicated member of the DSR fundraising team for nearly three decades, praised the new building's facilities. "It's a massive improvement; everything is brand new. We have automatic doors, proper kitchen and toilet facilities—it's quite comfortable," she shared.

[Image ID: Inside the DSR building. There is a meeting room with glass windows, chairs and a tv on the wall. On the right is the hallway to the rest of the interior.]

Kevin Coombs, the visionary founder of DSR and a true inspiration in the field of disability sports, has played a pivotal role in paving the way for many advancements in the sector. The redevelopment of Kevin Coombs House further amplifies his remarkable legacy and enables DSR to make an even greater impact.

Liz acknowledged Kevin's exceptional contributions and reflected on the significance of these redevelopments for the enduring impact he will leave behind.

"The 'Kevin Coombs House' will serve as a lasting legacy for the sporting and disability community. It will be a place where future members, our staff, and the wider community can enjoy," Liz explained.

Barbie also spoke candidly about Kevin's profound influence on DSR's history and the enduring legacy he has built.

"Kevin is an incredible individual who has dedicated over 60 years to DSR. My own 30 years pale in comparison when you consider his remarkable commitment, He started [this] as a young man, and I think it’ll be a wonderful legacy for him." she shared.

We warmly welcome visitors to Kevin Coombs House and appreciate the ongoing support. Thank you to all who have stopped by and continue to support us.


DSR still has a level one, 200sqm office space available for lease. If you or anyone you know may be interested in finding out more information or scheduling a walkthrough of the space please get in touch with us at


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