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DSR & YMCA Extends 3 Year Partnership

The Disability Sport & Recreation Logo and the YMCA logo
The Disability Sport & Recreation Logo and the YMCA logo

YMCA Victoria (The Y) and Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) are excited to announce the extension of their three-year partnership. Together, we have supported many Victorians with a disability get active. We’ve done this by providing access to sports like wheelchair AFL, basketball, and Y-managed recreation centres. We provided children with a disability the opportunity to take part in life-changing recreation camps at YMCA-managed camping facilities. We were also successful in receiving funding from VicHealth to pilot a Disability Sport & Recreation Hub at the Y-managed facility Casey Stadium.

Alexandra Ash, Executive General Manager of Recreation at the Y, is thrilled about the partnership extension. She looks forward to continuing to support people with a disability, especially as Victoria navigates its way through the pandemic.

“Getting active and staying motivated has been difficult for many people throughout the pandemic, which is why through our partnership we created a free online workout series on Virtual Y during lockdown,” said Alex.

The videos show and teach skills that help people with disabilities be active and try new sports in the comfort of their own home.

In the first year of the new partnership, the Y and DSR plan to turn Boroondara Sports Complex into a disability sports hub. There will be even more inclusive programs offered along with regular ones like AFL Wheelchair.

With around one in five people in Victoria identifying as having a disability, we hope this new hub will be able to reach even more people with a disability and provide them with a diverse and inclusive range of programs, so that everyone can find something they enjoy.”

DSR CEO Richard Amon said, “This is a really exciting period of time in our sector. Building on the momentum created by the Paralympic Games, Disability Sport and Recreation is very pleased to extend our partnership with the Y to work together and create new opportunities for people with a disability to be physically active in a way that is meaningful to them.”

“The pandemic has taught us all that we need to work collaboratively to rebuild the sector and that no single organisation can do this alone. We look forward to working closely with the Y on our shared goals of inclusive recreation and connecting with more Victorians with a disability to our organisation.


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