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Stronger Together: DSR and Proud to Play renew partnership

[Image ID: A white logo lock up with a coloured Disability Sport & Recreation on the left with a black vertical line dividing the image with a Proud 2 Play logo on the right which fades from dark blue to pink]
[Image ID: A white logo lock up with a coloured Disability Sport & Recreation on the left with a black vertical line dividing the image with a Proud 2 Play logo on the right which fades from dark blue to pink]

Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) and Proud to Play (P2P) have been in partnership for over 3 years, since DSR developed and implemented our gender-diverse and trans guidelines in 2019 to ensure inclusion of all LGBTIQA+ people are embedded throughout our organisation and the programs we deliver.

DSR and P2P recognise that we are stronger together, working hard to continue advocating for inclusive and welcoming spaces. We have a shared goal of greater inclusion and participation in sport and recreation for all LGBTIQA+ people with disability.

Both organisations are committed to supporting, acknowledging, and empowering a better understanding of the intersectionality between disability, gender and sexuality. We want to champion change at all levels. We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of who a person is, are valued and respected. Recognising that for some members of our community, there is often more than one barrier to their involvement, acceptance and enjoyment in sport and/or recreation.

Choice, access, and participation are the core values that we believe in at DSR. Our aim is to promote, encourage and ensure as many opportunities as possible are available for all people with disability to participate in sport and/or recreation however they like. This includes acknowledging challenges and barriers that LGBTIQA+ people with disability experience.

“The renewal of this partnership between DSR and P2P is a great reinforcement and reminder to the community that we are not forgotten about and that we matter. That we as Queer or LGBTIQA+ people with disability deserve safe, respectful, welcoming, and inclusive spaces to undertake sport and/or recreation.

Initiatives and partnerships like this are what helps create awareness and leads to change, and as a non-binary trans, queer disabled person of colour, I am proud to know that DSR is so highly committed to P2P’s work and values to ensure greater inclusion for all. It’s a win, win.” - Akii Ngo, Sustainability and Impact Manager, DSR

DSR and P2P will keep pushing for greater awareness to achieve this common goal together, through strengthened commitment and shared advocacy for accessible, safe and inclusive spaces. By respecting and amplifying each organisations’ philosophies, policies, and practices, we will further strengthen our goals of inclusion, which is a win for everyone.

Within this partnership, DSR will be working to follow the P2P Rainbow Roadmap to further demonstrate our organisational commitment. Additionally, we have aims to provide joint training to each other and the community to build capacity about disability, intersectionality, and accessibility. We are also working together to better platform the personal lived experiences of LGBTIQA+ people with disability who undertake sport or recreation.

“I am thrilled to be able to renew our partnership with DSR. No person should have to choose a space based on one aspect of who they are, and not others. Whilst we recognise that not all programs can meet all needs, we should be providing safe and inclusive spaces that allow folks to be their whole self. We recognise that we still have a lot of work to do, and this partnership will only strengthen our knowledge and capacity to deliver for LGBTIQA+ folks living with a disability” states Christine Grange, P2P CEO

By renewing our partnership with P2P, DSR are renewing our commitment to LGBTIQA+ members of the disability sport and recreation community. DSR and P2P are excited to further grow positive experiences, engagement, and inclusion of LGBTIQA+ people with disability in sport, exercise, and active recreation!


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