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Reclink partnership announcement

A group of eight people smiling at the camera in front of a window outside. They are all wearing a black jacket with the Reclink Australia logo on the chest.
[Image ID: A group of eight people smiling at the camera in front of a window outside. They are all wearing a black jacket with the Reclink Australia logo on the chest.]

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Reclink Australia, an organisation that provides evidence-based sport and art programs to disadvantaged Australians to create socially inclusive, life-changing opportunities.

With a shared passion for advocacy, inclusion and creating opportunities, we will be working together on fostering collaboration within the industry and supporting people with disabilities find and participate in sport and recreation.

Starting from October, the year-long partnership is built on mutual respect and admiration for the remarkable contributions to accessible sport and recreation.

A lack of information and opportunities is one of the key barriers people with disability experience with engaging with sport and recreation. AAA Play is a dedicated referral and connection service for people with a disability to sports and recreational opportunities in Victoria and as part of this partnership, Disability Sport & Recreation will be piloting new ways to promote this service to the sector. Reclink manages the Access for All Abilities Play (AAA Play) service on behalf of the Victorian Government.

As part of this partnership, DSR and Reclink will be exchanging resources. DSR will continue to refer its members, and people with disability who are inquiring to participate in sport and recreation, to the AAA Play service.

Together we hope to further uplift the excellent work both DSR and Reclink do to create and advocate inclusion. We believe that equal participation in sport and recreation enriches the community overall.

Disability Sport & Recreation Chair, Sarah Anderson, is delighted to see this new partnership:

“We are very excited to partner with an organisation such as Reclink, this partnership is in recognition of the genuine respect that both of our organisations have to play in our sector. We at DSR look forward to working with Reclink to amplify the reach and impact of both organizations in supporting more people with disability to be active in Victoria”

This partnership will transcend just sport with a focus on community. Reclink and DSR are mindful of inclusive representation within the sector. Meaning, it will be the foundation of how they collaborate and what they build together.

Reclink CEO, Dave Wells, is excited by this new partnership:

“Reclink are thrilled to enhance their support of with people with disability through a partnership with DSR.”

If you want to find out more or how to do your part in creating inclusive representation, DSR has a Seeing Capability Before Disability guide. This is a guide for employers in sport to attract and retain women with disability.


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