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Thank you donors

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Thank you donors!

Disability Sport & Recreation would like to thank our incredible donors for their support of our June Tax Appeal Campaign.

With this year marking our 60th anniversary, DSR is moving back to its spiritual home in George St, Fitzroy, named after our founder and the first Australian Aboriginal Paralympian, Kevin Coombs.

As part of this year’s Tax Appeal Campaign we asked donors for their support to help DSR fit out the redeveloped site for our administration, but more importantly to develop a new state-of-the-art training hub. Our vision is to provide DSR programs and also support others to contribute to the capacity of the sport and disability sector in Victoria. The end result will be more effective and welcoming environments created to support people with disability to be more active. Once developed, this expanded training and development component to our suite of programs will increase knowledge and understanding of the sector, provide employment for people with disability and also diversify our revenue streams.

At the beginning of June we set ourselves the ambitious goal of raising $100k to help equip the office space making it fully accessible for all and help DSR set up a sustainable future so that we can be here for the next 60 years.

Thanks to our incredible supporters we’re proud to announce that we successfully raised $103k.

“Thank you sincerely to all of our magnificent donors and supporters. Despite various economic challenges, your gifts are vital to allow us to continue to pursue our important work supporting choice, access and participation for people with disability in sport and recreation”, Richard Amon, CEO

By securing this support from donors it’ll help ensure that this new office space will:

  1. Provide an efficient and welcoming administration base for our staff and visitors.

  2. Promote diversity & inclusion.

  3. Create a co-working opportunity for others working in the sector to work alongside us.

  4. Provide opportunities for those operating in the disability sector to attend workshops by DSR (and other organisations) to upgrade their skills & adopt best practices.

  5. Create a hub where disability groups and organisations working with them can meet and coordinate their approach to support services in the disability sporting sector.


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