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Ian Gainey on Finishing His 30th Marathon

[Image ID: Ian Gainey is wearing a yellow top and is sitting in an all-terrain sporting wheelchair, he is wearing gloves and looking into the distance and smiling]

Congratulations to DSR Member, Ian Gainey who finished his 30th Melbourne Marathon over the weekend in 3 hours and 28 minutes taking out the wheelchair division of the competition.

When we asked Ian what motivated him to start competing in marathons after being a 10,000-metre world-record holder the former Paralympian said:

"Probably racing around a 400 metre athletic track got a bit boring after a while so therefore I just set myself a challenge to complete one marathon."

Gainey mentioned he loved the sense of community he felt through competing in marathons and training for the event saying:

"It's good fun pushing along footpaths and getting out in the sunshine, I love meeting people, they encourage you and get out of your way, it's good general communtiy involvement."

Now that he's achieved his long-term goal of being nominated for the Melbourne Marathon Hall of Fame by finishing his 30th marathon, Gainey's next personal goal is to keep his level of fitness and stamina up with regular training.

Congratulations again to Ian from the entire DSR community.

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