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2022 Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards winners

Celebrating inclusive sporting achievements for over thirteen years.

[Image ID: there is a room full of people facing towards the stage. On the stage are a man at the podium and three women behind him. On the left of the man is a presentation with two finalists' headshots on the screen.]

On Disability Sport and Recreations (DSR) special 60th-year anniversary, the 2022 Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards were held on November 8th 2022. These awards act as an example of the hard work and dedication sportspeople, volunteers and officials have been able to achieve across the inclusive sport and recreation sector across Victoria for sixty years.

On Tuesday, the disability sporting community gathered to celebrate and praise the achievements of people with disabilities and those who support them in which was a fantastic night.

Liz Tesone, CEO of Disability Sport and Recreation said how delightful the night of celebration was and the impact it has on the sector.

“We are all so proud of last nights event. For a thirteenth year, the Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards has been a fantastic night commemorating the unsung heroes and rising stars of accessible and inclusive sport.
These awards are a celebration of all those nominated for their amazing sportsmanship, professionalism and community spirit they have shown in the disability sport and recreation sector over the past year, and through the challenges of COVID-19.
In DSR’s 60th anniversary, we want to continue working towards the needs of all Victorians with a disability. Providing greater choice, access, and participation for all people with disability for the future. In a night of celebration, lets also congratulate and reflect on the incredible work achieved over the sixty years to facilitate and support the inclusive sport and recreation sector in Victoria.” said Disability Sport & Recreation CEO, Liz Testone.

Entrants in the Awards are nominated by state sporting associations, regional sport assemblies, local government, teammates, club members, coaches or their local community to recognise their outstanding contribution to inclusive sport and recreation.

Winners of the 2022 Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards are:

Kevin Coombs Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Dylan Alcott

My Sport Live Sportsperson of the Year - Elite

  • Heath Davidson - Wheelchair Tennis

My Sport Live Sportsperson of the Year - Community

  • Robert Fletcher - Blind Tennis

Carbine Club Marg Angel Junior Sportsperson of the Year

  • Liam Costello – Athletics

Masters Sportsperson of the Year

  • Adam Fayad - Blind Tennis

Administrator of the Year

  • Steve Odgers - AFL Victoria

Coach/Fitness Leader of the Year

  • Alois Rosario - Australian Para Table Tennis

PwC Volunteer of the Year

  • Doug Sloan - Blind Golf Vic, Blind Golf Aus, Blind Sports & Recreation Vic

VicHealth Initiative of the Year - Sport

  • Sport4All - Get Skilled Access

VicHealth Initiative of the Year - Active Recreation

  • Zooming in on a vision for health and well-being - Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria

  • Inclusive aquatics and recreation: a guide to increasing participation by underrepresented communities - Belgravia Leisure, Belgravia Foundation and Aquatics & Recreation Victoria

Polytan Inclusive Sport, Recreation or Open Space Infrastructure

  • Dementia Friendly Forest & Sensory Trail - Parks Victoria, Bigger Heart Dementia Alliance (Ballarat) and Dementia Australia

Love the Game Team of the Year

  • Table Tennis Victoria - Team Vic Para Squad


Nominations for the 2022 VDSR Awards are for achievements, initiatives, programs, activities and developments that took place between July 2021 and July 2022.

More information is available here:


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