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National Sports & Physical Activity Convention (NSC)

Do We Need To Think Differently For Success?

Do we need to disrupt the traditional models of growing participation only through sports associations if we are going to encourage more people to be active and participate?

Research across the globe shows that participation in sporting activities, is not determined by whether it is provided by sports bodies, commercial providers or government, it’s about the experience that participants receive. Now we have local and state government, commercial providers, local leisure centres, alternative sports leagues, PCYC and charitable providers. How do we collectively bring all of these together, and with using sport as a vehicle for health improvements, crime reduction, community connectedness and more?

This year’s NSC will be focused on alternative and bold approaches to change the traditional narrative.

A Global Agenda – Innovation, Growth and Future Investment live keynote session (Thursday 11th Nov) explores the global approach for thinking differently. The global speakers include:

  • Tim Hollingsworth, OBE Chief Executive, Sport England - Uniting the Movement

  • Raelene Castle, Chief Executive, Sport New Zealand - Every Body Active

  • Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Sport Singapore - Live Better Through Sport

  • Rob Dalton, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Sport Australia - A More Active Nation Will Drive Pathways to Podiums

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