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Download The DSR Festival Media Toolkit

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

[Image ID: A collage of people with disability playing sport and smiling. The text below says '2021 Disability Sport and Recreation Festival. Friday 3 December. 10 AM - 2 PM. Crown Riverwalk. Next to the text is the Disability Sport & Recreation logo]

The Toolkit

We are so excited about our upcoming Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Festival and we'd like you to help us spread the word. To help you, we've put together a toolkit with everything you need to help us celebrate.

The toolkit includes: suggested copy, graphics, detailed information about the festival and so much more.

Download the Victorian Disability Sport & Recreation Stakeholder toolkit below:

VDSRFestival2021 Stakeholder Toolkit
Download PDF • 4.83MB

Activity timetable

VDSRF 2021 Activity Zone Times image
Download PDF • 5.15MB
Activity Zone Times - 2021 Victorian Disability Sport & Recreation Festival Website copy
Download D • 17KB

More about the festival

The Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Festival, held each year on International Day of People with Disability, is a unique, free, outdoor, community event that promotes communities, social connectivity and active lifestyles for people with disability.

Activities include: Powerchair sports, Frame running, Wheelchair Rugby, adapted AFL, Blind and low-vision tennis, gymnastics and so so much more! You may even spot a Paralympian!

When: Friday 3 December, 10 AM - 2 PM

Where: Crown Riverwalk, Southbank

[Video Description [VD]: The video begins with an image of the VDSRF Logo and text: 10AM - 2PM, Crown Riverwalk and It is footage from 2019's Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Festival (VDSRF) with lots of different people, from different backgrounds, ages (including children) and different disabilities participating and trying different sports and activities including AFL wheelchair, wheelchair rugby, calisthenics and other active and recreation. The video shows multiple different vendors and exhibitors engaging with community members, staff and participants. Richard Amon (a middle-aged White man) is speaking in the beginning and then Ayden Shaw (a younger White man) is speaker afterwards. The video pans and shows lots of smiling faces, interactions and fun activities on a sunny, fun day out. The video is captioned with large white text and a blurred dark background for contrast]


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