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LGA Connect Project Updates

Together More Active – LGA connect program

Disability Sport and Recreation (DSR) recognises the importance of Local Government Areas (LGAs) and their partners as the key to contribute to the growth of community participation, through the development and delivery of inclusive sports and physical activities.

Recent DSR research revealed the lack of skilled human capital at the LGA and partner level as a key barrier, hindering effective planning and delivery.

The State Government’s Together More Active funding has enabled DSR to activate a project aiming to understand and build strategy on how to best engage LGA’s in a solution to have more impact in their local communities.

DSR has engaged with Manningham and Bayside City Council’s in the first codesign stage of the project, which aims to gain a deeper understanding on the current status of active recreation for people with disabilities within their communities, focusing on six key areas identified in DSR’s research.

The key themes from the consultation process highlighted the need for support at a much more fundamental level, in areas such as;

  • Compliance requirements

  • Internal structures and systems

  • Internal stakeholder engagement

We considered what an ideal approach looks like?

Who can we learn from?

How are Manningham and Bayside currently delivering strategy in this space? and;

What are the key issues and gaps we could look to address?

One of the identified solutions is for DSR to produce an audit and activation toolkit, which is now under development and will be piloted in Manningham and Bayside.

The review of this pilot will enable us to refine the toolkit before creating a centralised online resource to support LGA’s across Victoria.

DSR is excited to continue work with the team at OWL Insights along with Manningham City Council and Bayside City Council to deliver solutions for all LGA’s and most importantly enhance opportunities for people with disability in Victoria.


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