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Come & Try with the Richmond AFL Wheelchair Team

[Image ID: A Richmond Wheelchair AFL player is in the middle on handballing. There is yellow and white text on a dark grey background. The text reads 'Come & Try Day. Your chance to pull on the Yellow & Black Guernsey as a Richmond footballer!']

Everybody welcome!

Richmond Football Club is holding a come and try day Saturday, February 5, 1pm Wurdi Baierr Stadium, Torquay.

This is a chance for everyone to come and try Wheelchair AFL, the session will be also a chance to identify future talent for future drafts.

Wheelchair AFL Rules:

  • The game is played on an indoor basketball court divided into thirds

  • A handball is equivalent to a kick

  • An underarm throw is equivalent to a handball

  • There are 5 players on court: 2 forwards, 2 defenders, 1 centre

  • Men and women can compete on one team

  • Up to 2 players without a physical disability are allowed on the squad

  • Only 1 player without a disability is allowed on the court

“Richmond has made me feel so welcome, made me feel important and as an important member of the club. It’s seriously the best thing ever.” — Vincent Naidu

Download the PDF flyer here:

Come & try day Richmond
Download PDF • 476KB

Download the plain word flyer here:

Come & try day Richmond
Download DOCX • 21KB

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