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Corporate WheelTalk 

A Disability Sport & Recreation Initiative

IMPACT is an experiential workplace education program offered by Disability Sport & Recreation. The program increases employees’ understanding of what it is like to live with disability.

Our Experience: Disability Sport & Recreation has been using sport and recreation as a medium to educate the community about disability for more than 10 years through our WheelTalk Program.

IMPACT has been developed from the success of the WheelTalk Program, which reaches approximately 20,000 young Victorians each year.


IMPACT presenters share their personal story of disability with employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in a game of wheelchair basketball or other activities. At the end of the program employees will be inspired, have a greater understanding of the impact of disability, and be encouraged to act on safety issues and to lead a healthy, physically-active lifestyle.

IMPACT will complement your organisations operational and strategic goals:

As part of your induction programs

To launch workplace OH&S, diversity or equal opportunity policies

For professional development for staff communicating with people with disability

As an inclusive team building activity

To improve understanding of disability and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle

IMPACT can be tailored and can be delivered off-site or at your workplace. For further information or to book an IMPACT session call 03 9473 0133 or email 

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