CyclePower was born from the belief that participation in sport and recreation is a basic human right, that brings people together to build healthier communities. Since its inception in 2011, CyclePower has shown how beneficial  sport and recreation is for the health and well-being of people of all abilities.

 Group of CyclePower cyclists, riding past mountains in Thailand CyclePower Team cycling on road CyclePower team riding through street in Laos amongst local traffic

Current challenge - CyclePower Cambodia and Vietnam 2016

This year’s CyclePower challenge will take participants back to Cambodia and Vietnam, to continue the work they started in 2012 with women with disability.

Cycling over 500kms from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Saigon in Vietnam, through heat, humidity, the CyclePower team are geared up to face the elements as they promote health and wellbeing through sport and recreation, and raise much needed funds to support people with disability, both here and abroad.

Paralympic wheelchair basketball medallists, Shelley Chaplin and Leanne Del Toro will be riding with the team, alongside first-time participant Caitlyn AlgerRosie Jenes, is returning for her second CyclePower adventure, with Alex Gale-Grimes who in on her fourth consecutive challenge, along with veteran handcyclist, Gary Connor.

In 2016, the CyclePower riders will return to visit old friends – the Cambodian women from the Battambang women’s wheelchair basketball team, a local sporting team initiated by CyclePower four years ago.

This intrepid fundraising initiative combines the challenge of long-distance cycling with the chance to make a difference. Show your support for these determined individuals, proving anything is possible, by donating to the CyclePower fundraising page.

Challenge complete - CyclePower Laos 2015

Last years’ incredible challenge, saw the CyclePower team take on the mountainous terrain of Laos.

Twelve participants, including four hand cyclists, travelled across more than 500km, from Luang Prabang in the north to the capital Vientiane over eight days, in a positive demonstration of the strength and spirit of people with disability.

The ride promoted the awareness and understanding of people with disability in Laos to reduce the stigma associated with disability in a country where more than 80 million unexploded bombs, landmines, grenades and rockets continue to maim locals. The riders also assisted the Lao Disabled People’s Association (LDPA) by donating wheelchairs and other equipment for the Laos Wheelchair Basketball Program.

CyclePower gave participants the opportunity to experience an active adventure and the rich history of Laos, sharing a unifying positive experience with local people with disability.

An incredible effort by the CyclePower team, they are looking forward to the next trip already!

Challenge complete - CyclePower Thailand 2014

CyclePower team take up whole road for group photo in ThailandIn 2014, CyclePower took 20 participants to the scorching heat and showering rains of Thailand, where the group rode 600km from Surat Thani to Phuket in seven days.

With the goals of donation, aid and disability sport representation at the forefront of theirs minds, the team helped out locals along the way by donating sports equipment and general supplies as well as making a statement about what people with disability are capable of achieving with the right attitude and motivation.

The CyclePower riders also visited a local special school, made the national Thai news, and were escorted through cities by vehicles with a loudspeaker informing the locals of their identity and mission. Riders from the Thai Cycling for Health Association and local Thai cycling groups joined our team for different stages of the journey.

The team was fuelled by the motivation to conquer the program’s longest distance yet, encouraging each other along the journey and keeping spirits high. The group collectively knew that nothing can get in the way of reaching their goals, proving themselves right when they reached Phuket successfully. 

Challenge complete - CyclePower Fiji 2013

17 participants of all ages, abilities and strengths completed CyclePower, a 550km ride around the circumference of Vitu Levu, Fiji. There were seven handcyclists, the events largest contingency since it began in 2011.

The aim of the ride was to raise much needed funds for people with disability in Victoria, and support those in Fiji living with disability, who are often stigmatised and socially outcast.

CyclePower gave participants the ability to meet locals with disability, and show them that anything is possible, no matter what your ability. They were able to talk about the issue with local chiefs and do their part to begin altering the cultural stigmatisation of disability in Fiji.

The participants met with members of the Fijian Paralympic Committee and donated wheelchairs for locals.

Challenge complete - Cambodia 2012

CyclePower team photo in front of tourist attraction, Ankor Wat

CyclePower is an intrepid fundraising initiative, combining the challenge of long-distance cycling with a chance to make a tangible contribution to projects which give people with disability a fair go.

In 2012 the CyclePower Team tackled the Cambodian countryside, raising funds to help empower women with disability, is an intrepid fundraising initiative, combining the challenge of long-distance cycling with a chance to make a tangible contribution to projects which give people with disability a fair go.

This unique cycling adventure, took participants 370km from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to build a pilot Women's Wheelchair Basketball program.

Challenge complete - CyclePower Vietnam 2011

The inagural CylePower cycling challenge from from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam took place on 16th 

Our cyclists covered a staggering 540kms in eight days, raising $80,000 for the initiative.- 30th July 2011.

CyclePower particpants donated 20 sports wheelchairs to charity partner East Meets West Foundation to facilitate a sport and recreation program f

Five Vietnamese athletes with disability from Quang Tri participated in the event, cycling and travelling with the Australian contingent for two days. Both the CyclePower team and the Vietnamese athletes visited the Village of Hope Orphange (home to 40 children with disability) to host a Wheel Talk session with the children.or athletes with disability in the province of Quang Tri called INSPIRE SPORTS.

The ride was a perfect showcase of how involvement in sports can be a powerful tool for connectedness and empowerment. John Anner, President East Meets West Foundation